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Our Diesel Performance Programmers Can Save You Money!

11th Feb 2014

Are you sick of having to take your car in to your dealership or mechanic every time your check engine light comes on? There are many reasons for this light to come on, and those reasons can range from inconsequential to serious; that one light just doesn't give you enough information. At Snake River Performance, our goal is to give you the information and products that you need to keep your vehicles running at their peak performance levels. We offer a wide variety of diesel performance programmers, and these tuners can actually help you determine what your check engine light actually means. 

We have many options for your to choose from, but one of the best is the DiabloSport Trinity Programmer. This programmer is a revolutionary product that can keep your automobile running smoothly. One of the most noteworthy parts of this amazing programmer is that it can be used as a diagnostic code reader. A check engine light doesn't mean a lot of most of us, and it can literally represent hundreds of issues in your car. This programmer can read those confusing codes and it even allows you to clear them on your own. You could end up saving hundreds of dollars every year that would have gone to your mechanic or dealership.

With our diesel performance programmer you won't have to rush to the dealership every time your check engine light comes on. It can help you to understand what all of those lights mean, and you can clear them yourself. We offer great deals and free overnight shipping within the continental US, just enter the coupon code "FREE2014" at checkout! Shop with us today and order your very own diesel performance programmer.