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Get In and Out of Your Truck Easily With the 75110-01A AMP Research PowerStep


Spring is in full-swing and summer is quickly approaching. That means that it's time to pull out the shorts, skirts and dresses. While we all love to wear our favorite summer gear, getting into a high truck in a short skirt can present somewhat of a problem; if you have ever been in this situation then you know exactly what we mean. Luckily Snake River Performance is here to help. The 75110-01A AMP Research PowerStep is just what you need to be able to safely (and modestly) get in and out of your truck, no matter what you are wearing!

After you have tried this Power-step, you will never want to go back to climbing into your truck the old-fashioned way ever again. This step is so convenient! It stores itself nicely under your truck while your doors are closed, but don't worry, you won't lose as much as an inch of ground clearance. When you are ready to use your step all you have to do is open the door and it will extend itself automatically. This step is so reliable; it was designed to work efficiently and effectively in any kind of weather. 

Climbing in a high truck in a mini dress or a short skirt can make for an embarassing situation, but not anymore. With the 75110-01A AMP Research PowerStep you can easily get in and out of your truck, while maintaining your modesty and grace. Get yours with us and you can enjoy great deals and free shipping within the continental US. Don't wait, buy yours with us today. 

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